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 Presales Made Simple. 

Post, Verify, Sell, Track

Sellers Posts Aircraft Build Parts List 


ReserveParts subscribers can post the Aircraft parts build list before the aircraft is scheduled to be torn down. In this manner, airlines can reserve these parts and the tear down company can pre-sell and remove sold and reserved parts for their customers via the system. Further the airline or buyer can also get RFQ prices from certified repair shops to overhaul or repair the parts the have chosen to reserve.


- Paper (FedEx), Scan TIFF, PDF, CSV or Excel format

- Contains Part Number

- Description

- Aircraft Serial Number

- Aircraft Model

- Location

Buyers can search, reserve and verified parts before they are removed they can also make offers or do an RFQ and get repair quotes within the system. 

Send us your Aircraft parts lists and we will convert them

Just Send Us the aircraft build list and parts modification lists and start receiving RFV's and RFQ's notifications when they post to the reservation system

Verify the Reserved Part - SOLD

Buyer chooses to make a  reservation request with a verification request. The seller is notified and has 8 business hours to respond. Seller can simply reserve the part by verifying it does have it and can respond with an ETA date.


No response will cause the part to be deleted from the system after a notification of pending deletion is sent to the seller. They can either request a reinstatement and seller verifying the part, if not the part is deleted that day at midnight from the posted inventory. 

Once a part is verified the buyer can send a PO and order the part. The buyer can next check the repair capabilities from approved vendors via the system and track the transaction via tracking system.



- Be a member subscriber to post

- Be a member subscriber to search and send RFQ's

- Be a teardown company with annual dismantling 

- Be an certified Part 145 repair shop

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