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About Patent Pending

Quantum Marketing Group LLC  has created the aviation industries first smart INTEGRATED AIRCRAFT TEAR DOWN parts recycling program for aircraft dismantlement, airlines, overhauled and repair shops and MRO's.

A presales system with verification, certification, tracking, history, repair and overhaul methodology with the ability to match airline fleet part utilization history.

The system has all of the compliance and tracking via the web platform including capability, MRO tracking, fleet intelligence, part inventory search and industry directory services.​

The goal is to have tear down parts get to market faster and provide airline customers with a new tool to help find and manage their aircraft parts requirements.     

We have Partnered up to bring the industries first turnkey recycling system for Teardown As Removed aircraft parts to be overhauled and repaired in one easy to use system!

Our goal, simple, to make locating, repairing, storing aircraft parts in a proactive way rather than a reactive manner. To Help airlines find, better manage and have available Teardown inventory faster, smarter, less expensive, while making their jobs easier.

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