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Why ReserveParts?

  • Runs on a MRO platform integrated into capabilities and MRO tracking.

  • Expose the entire aircraft's thousands of parts all at once to the marketplace on the day the inventory build list and aircraft readiness log  is posted into the Part Reservations system the day the plane is acquired.

  • Sells parts in As Removed condition immediately instead of the weeks to months it takes to breakdown, tag, pack, warehouse and then sell.

  • Enables reserve and sold parts removal ordering reducing the dollar exposure of the tear down company since sales are immediate and first sold parts are removed and cash collected. Presales lowers teardown risk.

  • Generates overhaul and repair orders for the as removed parts to Aero One Shops for RFQ.

  • Airlines can create an approved shop list for their reserved parts.

  • This application simply speeds up the parts sales and overhaul processes for Airlines giving them access to tear down parts they need to be overhauled in faster time and in some cases it enables them to search and locate before the part is actually removed.

  • The Application Is a very useful for airline spares planning

  • The application is also very valuable in terms of the logistics of tear down parts since aircraft are torn down in different parts of the world where the aircraft may be stored. Reduces storage and handling costs and eliminated double shipping costs!

  • The application is valuable in that it has trace capability for parts since the parts are tracked from the removal of a serial numbered aircraft and the individual parts may have their own serial numbers for tag compliance.

  • Since it is a patent pending application it will be custom built to industry requirements and compliance.

  • Reservation system creates competition for tear down parts on a first come first serve basis. All airlines will want access to this tool.

  • Creates airline fleet and tear down matching for parts database for airline part planners and MRO’s

  • Heats up the brokerage market with brokers trying to reserve parts before airlines do!

  • Application will enable ETA scheduling base on where the part is located and where the shop is that it has to go to and the shops estimated time of repair and part availability date. 

  • The application can be integrated into Airline and other customers P.O. and electronic ordering systems.

  • System can create RFQ back up bids (3) for reserved parts.

  • Create teardown parts intelligence data base. Posting – to reserved part – to ordered part -to overhaul or repaired part.

  • Plug into Other MRO and Airline and repair shop systems

  • Create more MRO repair and overhaul business fir airline part planning.

  • Expose your MRO service and unique capabilities via the system.

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