2019-8 Planned Teardowns

B373-700 Teardown Date TBD

Aircraft Type B737-700

Construction Number: (MSN) 30242

Engine Type: CFM56-7B20

Production Site: Renton, WA, USA

Age of Aircraft: 16 years and 7 months (June 2001)

Teardown Location:Marana, AZ, USA

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B757-222 Teardown Date TBD

Aircraft Type B757-222

Construction Number: (MSN) 24860

Engine Type: PW2037

Production Site: Renton, WA, USA

Age of Aircraft: 27 years and 8 months (Aug 1990)

Teardown Location:TBD

Archive Photo No Date

A320-232 Teardown Date TBD

Aircraft Type A320-233

Construction Number: (MSN) 561

Engine Type: IAEV2527E-A5

Production Site:Toulouse, France (TLS)

Age of Aircraft: 22 years and 3 months (Oct 1995)

Teardown Location:Goodyear, AZ, USA

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