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NEW FOR 2019

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Airlines attend ACPC to meet with vendors and suppliers in order to improve the efficiency, performance and safety of their fleets for its employees and customers.  Airlines have been using repaired and overhauled parts from tear down aircraft for many years, but not getting the credit for recycling these parts and reusing them, that is until NOW!


EcoAirParts has the technology from the below partnership for the creation of a Part Out to Repair-Overhaul to ON Wing tracking and trace system never before available via bundled software with consultative support and implementation featuring FTP, EDI or ERP integrations across all vendor and airline operations platforms, an industry first. 


Quantum Marketing Group, LLC., will be presenting the worlds largest repair capabilities platform for the last 18 years running  and recently signed a partnership agreement with Component Control who's repair shops are on


Now all companies parting out aircraft, repairing and overhauling aftermarket parts from these tear downs will get the global credit they deserve for recycling aircraft parts and reducing carbon foot prints worldwide and airlines will have real time tracking and trace of the parts from the aftermarket with a new level of accountability and cost savings and we have the logo to prove it!

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